How to Attach an Image or Other Attachment to Email on the iPhone

If you have been searching for a way to add an attachment – such as to attach an image – to an email in an iPhone, and think that you must be crazy because you can’t figure it out, well, you’re not crazy. While there is a way to email an image from the iPhone by first selecting the image, then hitting “email it”, there is in fact no obvious way on an iPhone or iPad to attach an image or other file to an already-existing email. And that, we think, is the crazy thing. In any other email application, and on any other smartphone (particularly Android) there is usually an “attach” button right in the email window! But not on the iPhone. But, there is a way to attach an image or other attachment in an iPhone, it’s just not obvious. Here it is.

How to Close, Shut Down, Stop Running, or Otherwise Completely Kill a Running App on an iPhone or iPad

While it’s often fine to leave all of the apps running on your iPhone or iPad, sometimes, for various reasons, you want to completely shut down an app , i.e. kill it, stop it from running, or close it.  It’s actually really easy to completely close an iPhone app (or an iPad app), but this is another one of those things that, while easy, is not obvious.  So here is a step-by-step tutorial (only 3 steps!) to completely shut down and stop an app from running.

How to Lock Your iPhone Screen in the Upright Position

If you get frustrated when your iPhone screen switches from the upright position (known as “portrait” view) to the horizontal orientation (known as “landscape” view) at the slightest change swivel of your wrist, you may have gone searching for a way to lock the orientation so that doesn’t happen. On the iPad, there is an external button to lock the orientation of the screen, but on the iPhone that same button serves the mute function. Here’s how to lock your iPhone screen so that it is locked in the portrait orientation.

How to Search for Something on a Web Page on the iPad and iPhone

More and more, people are performing web searches on their smart phones. It’s great to be able to do that, but it also can be frustrating to try to find what you’re looking for on that tiny screen, or without the full tools available to you with a keyboard or mouse. For example, how can you easily search for and jump to a particular word or term that’s down towards the bottom of a web page, and not visible at the top of the page?

Most Useful Lesser-Known iPhone Feature: Keyboard Macros! (Also Known as Keyboard Shortcuts)

Many people don’t fully explore each and every option available on their mobile phone (and even fewer fully read the user’s manual). So unless you have made a point of looking at each and every feature listed in your “Keyboard” setting on your iPhone or iPad (and who among us has?), you may have missed this fantastic goodie: Keyboard macros! Meaning custom keyboard shortcuts that you can create, allowing you to type a short set of letters that will magically expand to full phrases! For example, you can set up a keyboard short so that when you type “ty” it types “thank you”! You can create any shortcut that you want to… create custom signatures, frequently typed phrases, you name it! Here’s how to do it!

A List of Our Websites That You May Find Interesting

As many of our readers know, the Internet Patrol is part of ISIPP Publishing, a division of ISIPP (the Institute for Social and Internet Public Policy). What some readers may not know is that ISIPP Publishing publishes many websites, on topics as diverse as worms, legal Q&A, gluten-free vegan recipes, cruises, flowers, and more. We even have a site with thousands of “how to” videos! Each of our sites was created to fill a void – to provide credible and useful information where an information vacuum had previously existed. If you know of anyone who may enjoy some of these sites, or find them useful, please let them know!

How to Remove a Post or Comment from Your Facebook Wall

With the rash of Facebook spam and viruses going around (such as the “Vote for Nicole Santos” spam, and the “Please do your part in PREVENTING SPAM by VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT. Click VERIFY MY ACCOUNT right next to comment below to begin the verification process…” spam), it’s important that you know how to remove something that has been posted to your wall (never click on the “Remove this app” or “==VERIFY MY ACCOUNT==” links, those are links intended to trick you into infecting your machine!) Removing a post or comment from your wall is actually very easy. Here’s how to do it:

How to Remove or Delete an App from an iTouch, iPod or iPhone, and from iTunes, and from Your Hard Drive

It’s so easy to end up with a big collection of apps, isn’t it? There are so many free applications, so many interesting looking apps, that you can eat ’em like candy. But eventually they start taking up too much space on your iPhone, iPod or iTouch, or on your hard drive in iTunes. Here is how to remove an app from your device, from iTunes, and from your hard drive.

SocialEyes – Video Chat with All Your Facebook Friends – Sort Of

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the new online service, SocialEyes ( What you may have heard is that it’s like the Russian Chatroulette, only clean, and with your Facebook friends. Which isn’t really accurate, because Russia Chatroulette connects you serially with random people, while SocialEyes allows you and several of your friends (whom you know, they are not random people) to chat all at once with each other. However, it has severe limitations, and several quality issues. For example, you cannot invite friends on SocialEyes directly, they have to be on Facebook and you can only invite Facebook friends. And nowhere do they tell you how to cancel SocialEyes (we tell you how to remove SocialEyes below).

How to Use and Connect to Your Mifi Wirelessly While it is Connected via USB to Your Computer

The Verizon Mifi 2200 (also known as the “Mifi wireless internet hub”) is a personal access point, or PWAP, and is a wonderful thing – a wifi hotspot in your pocket, wherever you are. And you can let up to 5 people connect to it wirelessly – unless you are charging it via your computer’s USB connection, in which case you can only use it as a USB modem for 1. Until now – here are directions for how to use USB to charge and connect with your Mifi, and still have up to 5 computers (including yours) connect to it wirelessly.

How to Shuffle Music on the iPad – Easy Steps, Complete with Screenshots!

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to shuffle your music on your iPad, well, you’re not alone. Apple could hardly have made it more confusing. First, you can’t shuffle your music on your iPad in iTunes, because iTunes isn’t even where your music is on the iPad! Your music is in the iPod app on your iPad, and you can shuffle your music on the iPod on the iPad, but you have to know the secret. So, here’s the secret.