ABC’s New WatchABC ABC Player App Lets You Watch ABC Live Streamed on Your Device – With a Catch

Lots of people were really excited to learn about the “Watch ABC” ABC Player app, which lets you watch ABC broadcast shows – live streaming – on your iPhone or iPad, or a Windows 8 computer (no word on an ABC Player for Android yet). And it’s free! The first two markets, New York and Philadelphia, went live today. However, there is a catch. You must be a cable customer, and they enforce it by requiring you to log in with the username and password for your cable subscription.

Laurenzo’s Prime Rib Server Michael Garcia Dubbed a Hero by Internet for Standing Up to Customers Who Insulted a Special Needs Child with Down’s Syndrome

A story by the popular food section of Houston food blog 29-25, Whine + Dine, is sweeping the Internet and quickly earning Houston food server Michael Garcia, of Laurenzo’s Prime Rib, the title of “Hero,” after refusing to serve a group of Lorenzo’s regulars who heckled a special needs child with Down’s syndrome.

Texas Teen Fights School Over Electronic Tracking via RFID Chip in High School ID

15-year-old Texas teen Andrea Hernandez has launched a fight against the Northside Independent School District to avoid wearing the electronic tracking RFID chips embedded in her high school ID. Hernandez, from a deeply evangelical religion, believes that the ID is “the mark of the beast,” as talked about in the Book of Revelation. But even without the religious aspect, this is an important issue, and the religious nature of her objection helps to provide a more solid basis over which to object to the microchipped school I.D.