Facebook Offers New Feature: Ditch Your Ex without Unfriending Them

Facebook is testing a new feature to make it less awkward when you break up with someone who is also on Facebook, allowing you to “see less of them” while not actually unfriending them. After all, as the song goes, breaking up is hard (enough) to do, without having to also unfriend your ex. So if you are not the sort who gets a perverse satisfaction out of hitting ‘unfriend’ so that your ex knows that you have unfriended them, read on.

How to Remove the Messenger Sidebar on Facebook

If you use Facebook you have probably seen the newest Messenger sidebar: a top to bottom right-hand column with the faces (profile pictures) of your friends who are on Facebook messenger. And, there’s a good chance you’ve tried to figure out how to remove or disable the Messenger sidebar, only to be frustrated by your efforts. So here is how to hide the Messenger sidebar column from Facebook.