How to Find Those Big Files Taking Up Space on Your Mac Hard Drive

If you are suddenly finding your Mac hard drive much more full than you think it should be, you may also be wondering how to find the big files that are taking up so much space. Simply sorting your files in finder by size doesn’t cut it, because you may need to go through dozens or even hundreds of directories. What you want is a way to see all the files, across your entire Mac, that are huge. Here’s how to find all of the really big files on your Mac hard drive.

Federal Court Judge in Password Lawsuit Ruling: You Can Be Ordered to Decrypt Your Hard Drive

A Federal court ruling this week by Judge Robert Blackburn, of Peyton, Colorado, says that you can be ordered by the court to provide the password to decrypt encrypted data, or face contempt of court, and that being forced to reveal your passphrase does not violate the Fifth Amendment (the 5th Amendent includes, among other things, the right against self-incrimination). In the ruling, Judge Blackburn ordered Ramona Fricosu, whose laptop hard drive is encrypted with PGP, and who is charged with taking part in a mortgage scam, including charges of wire fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering, to decrypt her hard drive or face, among other sanctions, contempt of court.