Worldwide GPS System Reset Tonight Could Spell Trouble for Countless Devices and Systems

The GPS rollover – it sounds like an April Fools joke a few days late, but it’s not. It feels like Y2K, but more confusing. The GPS (Global Positioning System) rollover – which is actually a reset – is going to happen tonight (April 6, 2019) at 7:59pm EST / 4:59pm PST / 11:59 GMT. That is when the GPS system will reset its time-tracking to 00:00.

Turn any Dog or Cat Collar into a GPS Tracking Collar with this GPS Pet Tracker

If you have a dog or cat who escapes the house no matter what you do, or maybe you let your dog or cat roam, and have wished that you had a way to track them and to know exactly where they are, then the Whistle 3 GPS pet tracking device is for you! And instead of being a cat or dog tracking collar, the Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker attaches to your own dog or cat collar!

About Microsoft’s “Avoid Ghetto” GPS Service

Oh, how the Internet, and society in general, do love a scandal. Especially if it involves one of the big Internet or tech companies, like Google (witness this week’s scandal over Google’s “new” privacy policy) or Microsoft. This week everybody is mad at Microsoft for being, allegedly, racist, by updating their GPS software offerings to include a purported “avoid ghettos” feature. Some are even calling it “the avoid ghetto app”.

Apple iPhone and iPad Spying On Users’ Physical and Geographic Locations (Updated!)

Researchers have discovered that Apple’s newest operating system, iOS4, is literally spying on iPhone and iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G users’ movements, using geolocation to create a file that records every place that the user carrying the device passes through. At least as bad, the file, called “consolidated.db”, not only is on your iPhone or iPad, but is unencrypted, meaning that anybody who can access the file can read your every move.

Man Discovers You Can Make Anyone’s iPhone Track Them and Report Back to You

David Molnar over at Ephermata had a great idea. His girlfriend was moving from Chicago to California, and he thought “Hey, let’s track her stuff as the movers take it cross-country.” He did it using a $99 iPhone and the “Find My iPhone” service included with Apple’s Mobile Me, and it worked really well. So well, in fact, that he discovered that it’s possible to track anyone using their own iPhone, and doing so is pretty trivial.