How to Turn Off or Cancel Auto Renewal of Domains at GoDaddy

If you have domains registered with GoDaddy, you may find that somehow ‘auto renewal’ of your domains has been magically turned on, and you may want to turn off autorenew for your domains. Figuring out how to cancel autorenewal of your GoDaddy domains is not straight-forward, even though it’s not difficult once you know how, so here is how to turn off auto-renewal of domains at GoDaddy

Why to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication Everywhere You Can – Here’s Where

Here is why you must set up two-factor authentication (also called 2-step verification) wherever you can. Many places now offer it, including Facebook (called “Facebook login approvals”), Paypal (“Paypal Security Key”), Twitter, and, of course, Gmail (Google). You may recently have read the story of how Naoki Hiroshima lost their Twitter account, valued at $50,000, to a hacker. Basically the hacker managed to get into and redirect Hiroshima’s email domain, allowing the hacker to do password resets on some of Hiroshima’s accounts, and intercept the password reset emails.

Is GoDaddy Down? Yes, GoDaddy Goes Down, Anonymous Ally Claims Responsibility

With one simple tweet, “#tangodown…Hello everyone who wanna me to put 99% of the global Internet in #tangodown?” one lone hacker, with the Twitter handle, “AnonymousOwn3r,” took down internet giant, causing an outage to the GoDaddy site, 1000s, if not millions, of sites that have GoDaddy-hosted sites, and their DNS, GoDaddy hosted e-mail accounts, and GoDaddy phone service. #tangodown is taken from a military term, meaning a target was successfully attacked. Hackers also use it when it means that a website has been taken offline.

Customers Leave GoDaddy in Droves as CEO Bob Parsons Flaunts Killing Elephant, Defends Elephant Video and Leopard Kills

Usually it’s the feminists who are outraged by the actions of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons, but this time he’s raised the ire of the animal rights activists, including (but by no means limited to) PETA (which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). It’s not hard to understand – in this day and age people are more likely than not to be upset by the killing of an elephant, let alone by the braggadocio posting of a video of the deed. And despite the timing, the GoDaddy elephant video is no April Fool’s joke – it’s all too real.