Full Text of iOS 9 User Agreement

Thinking of upgrading to iOS 9? Here’s what you are agreeing to? Already upgraded to iOS 9? We bet that you didn’t read the entire TOS, because, let’s face it, it was long, and in tiny chunks. Here’s what you agreed to. Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming article on the privacy nightmare that are the ‘new and improved’ Siri search functions!

Transcript of Interview Given by PRISM Whistleblower Edward Snowden

Just hours before his alleged disappearance from a Hong Kong hotel, Edward Snowden, an ex-CIA employee and NSA contractor working through Booz Allen Hamilton, outed himself as the whistleblower in the NSA PRISM scandal. In the 12-minute video interview posted on YouTube, Ed Snowden explained his reason for releasing the documents that revealed the PRISM program. Here is the transcript of that interview.

“Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Act” – CIFA – Requires Businesses to Secure Their Networks

The Lieberman Collins “Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Act” (CIFA) – so designated because the proposed law is being sponsored by Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, and co-sponsored by Senator Susan Collins of Maine and also Senator Tom Carper of Delaware (and perhaps, more strategically important, supported by the Obama administration), is intended to help tighten up cyber security and thwart cyber attacks. Ironically, however, say opponents, this ‘Internet freedom act’ means exactly the opposite for businesses, particularly businesses that are designated as “critical infrastructure” companies. That is because CIFA would mandate – require – businesses to meet a Federal standard of network security, and out of their own pocket. (The full text of the proposed legislation is below.)

Full Text of President Obama’s February 24 2009 Speech to Congress

People are looking all over online for it – so here it is: the full text of President Obama’s address (it’s not a “State of the Union Address” as that officially happens after his first year in office, although for all intents and purposes it was a State of the Union – or, rather, a State of the Economy or State of the Economic Recovery address) that he gave on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009