Why Spam Seems to be Coming from Your Friends or Even Yourself

If you are getting spam from your friends, or your friends are getting spam from you – or you are getting spam from yourself – or at least it seems that way – you may be wondering how the spam appears to be coming from you or your friends. A likely reason is that someone you know’s address book was compromised. Here’s one way to tell, and how they do it.

What does “Enemy” Mean on OK Cupid?

OK Cupid (“OKC”) is one of the hottest online dating sites on the Internet. With its analyzing and calculating for you a qoutient as to how each potential partner stacks up against you in terms of their “Match %”, “Friend %” and “Enemy %”, it is a unique service, and many say it’s the best of the bunch as between the legitimate and well-known dating sites such as Match.com and eHarmony. But, while the process behind the “match percentage” is elaborately explained on the OKCupid website, and one can even infer what the “friend percentage” means, how they calculate the “enemy percentage”, or what the Enemy percent even is, remains a mystery. What does “enemy” mean on OKCupid, exactly? Why does it even feature on a dating website? How can two people who don’t even know each other be ‘enemies’? We explain.

Facebook Teams Up with Samaritans to Allow Users to Report Friends Suicide Threats and Suicidal-Sounding Posts

Facebook has teamed up with the Samaritans confidential emotional health service to allow Facebook users to report, through Facebook, if they are concerned that one of their Facebook friends is exhibiting suicidal tendancies, or threatening suicide. If a Facebook user reports (at the link included below) that they are concerned about a Facebook friend’s suicidal thoughts or talk of suicide, the Samaritans will reach out to that friend.