How to View Flash and Amazon Prime Instant Videos on an iPad (Yes, It’s Possible!)

Frustrated trying to view your free Amazon Instant Videos with Prime on an iPad, or other flash videos on your iPad? Or, don’t have a Prime membership but you just want to view the occassional Amazon Video on your iPad? Of course, the reason that you can’t view Amazon videos on your iPad is because the iPad’s native browser, Safari, doesn’t support flash (in fact, the iPad doesn’t support flash at all). BUT! There is an easy way around this, that will allow you to view all Amazon Instant Videos, and it doesn’t require jailbreaking your iPad, or anything devious or underhanded! Read on!

Bruce Springsteen Offers Free Download of Live Chicago Concert Because of East Coast Blizzard

Not only is Bruce Springsteen the Boss, but he’s a class act, as well. Scheduled to play Madison Square Garden yesterday, the concert had to be postponed owing to the blizzard of ’16. And so, he and the E Street Band have made available for free download, in its entirety, last week’s Chicago concert, including the debut of their cover of the Eagles’ ‘Take it Easy’, as a tribute to Glenn Frey (entire playlist below). Now that’s class!

Play Classic Atari Games Online in Your Browser for Free – No Downloads Needed!

Want to play classic arcade games in your browser for free? With no downloads required? You can now play Centipede online in your browser, play Space Invaders or Missile Command online in your browser, or play any of 100s of other Atari 2600 games online free with no downloads! Not only that, but also Atari 7800 games, ColecoVision games, Magnavox Odyssey games, and even Astrocade games! All free, all online, with no downloads required!

Virtual Garage Sale Site ‘GTS List’ Perfect Place for Recovering Craigslist and FreeCycle Users

Tired of having to resort to eBay or Craigslist to sell the stuff you no longer want? Or trying to give it away on FreeCycle only to have some overzealous moderator reject it? So was the creator of, the online garage sale where you can sell your stuff to friends and family, for free, and while keeping it private so you are not opening your home to random strangers. GTS List takes the idea of the online yard sale that often takes place on sites such as Craigslist, and combines it with the experience of having an old-fashioned yard sale, by making it a virtual yard sale. While a virtual garage sale is nothing new, we think they’re on to something by giving sellers the ability to keep their sale as private as they’d like.

Kim Dotcom Launches New Mega Dropbox-style File Storage and Sharing Site

The scene was a pudgy man being chased around by scantily clad girls, but it wasn’t an homage to Benny Hill, it was Kim Dotcom’s launch party for his re-emergence back into the .com world – his new site, Mega (not to be confused with his now defunct file sharing website, Megaupload). Mega outdoes Dropbox by offering 50GBs of free file storage, unlike the 2GBs offered by Dropbox.

Lenovo is First to Announce the new ‘Table PC’ Concept – a Touch Screen Table

PC maker Lenovo Group Ltd. has introduced the table PC, a 27-inch table computer that allows users to play boardgames, with the screen responding to up to ten fingers at the same time. Users can stick the 27-inch screen device on top of any table, or create a touch screen table with the optional coffee table that fits the device, and features sliding glass panels to cover the device when you are through playing board games.

Why the Newly Improved Google Voice Search App Beats Siri Hands Down (and You Can Use it on Your iPhone!)

For those of you who are fed up with Siri’s lack of understanding you when ask to do a search, then the Google Voice Search app may be just what you need. When you ask Google Voice Search where the nearest taco shops around you are, unlike Siri, which will likely come back with a list of the nearest tackle shops, the Google Voice Search app will deliver your request with consistent precision.

Federal Trade Commission Offers $50,000 Bounty Reward to Whomever Can Stop Automated Phone Spam with First Ever “FTC Robocall Challenge”

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responding to what they say is a huge surge in automated phone calls, or, “robocalls,” by offering a cash reward and prizes to the person, or group of people, who can thwart these calls in the “FTC Robocall Challenge.” According to the FTC, complaints about robocalls skyrocketed to a high of 212,000 this past April, compared to the last high of 65,000 complaints in October of 2010.

California Governor Jerry Brown Approvals Senate Bills 1052 and 1053, Providing Free Online College Textbooks for Students

Undergraduate students of California’s public college and university system will now be able to access many of their textbooks for free, online. Governor Jerry Brown signed senate bills 1052 and 1053 into law, which will establish online libraries that contain digital textbooks for the 50 most commonly taken lower-division courses.