How to Migrate Your Email from Yahoo to Gmail (or Any Other Place)

One of the more frequent questions that we get is how to forward or migrate email from Yahoo mail to Gmail, or to another email account. Seems that lots of people are wanting to change their Yahoo email account to somewhere else these days. So, here is how to move your email from Yahoo to Gmail with as little pain as possible. These instructions can be used to change your email from Yahoo to any other email service as well.

At Last! How to Have Text Messages Backed Up from Your iPhone to Gmail Like SMS Backup Does for Android!

Oh how we have longed for this day! After we made the switch to the iPhone, after being staunch Android fans for so long, the thing that we missed most about Android was apps like SMS Backup, which automatically forward your text messages to your Gmail account. This means that if you are at your computer, and not by your phone, you still get your text messages. It also means that you can maintain an archive of your text messages, if you like. This function has not existed in any app for the iPhone, and in fact we tried having it developed on our own, and ran into obstacles at every turn (mostly restrictions by Apple). But now, at last, we have our beloved SMS backup to Gmail function back, on our iPhone, and we are very happy campers.