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Have You Been Ghosted by Someone with Whom You had a Date? Why do People Ghost?

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to talk about ghosts. Only, we mean online dating ghosts. Oh, we don’t mean sipping coffee with Casper. ‘Ghosting’ or to be ‘ghosted’ means that you had a date, and then the person simply vanished. They didn’t bother to call you (or email or text you) to tell you that they weren’t interested, they simply let their lack of communication do it for them, figuring you’d get the (uncommunicated) message. Why do people ghost? And if you’ve been ghosted, tell us about it!

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Choice of Mobile Phone Shows Just How Loose You Are

Are you an iPhone or an Android person? Or do you use a Blackberry? This question goes much deeper than just showing which mobile operating system (OS) you prefer – according to a survey released this past Valentines Day by, it shows how loose you are – will you have sex on the first date?