How to Restore Firefox Windows or Tabs after Closing and Accidentally Reopening Firefox

Did you accidentally reset your Firefox browser and so, you think, lost the opportunity, after closing and reopening Firefox, to recover tabs or windows or pages you had open in Firefox before you closed it? This most often happens when you close Firefox, planning to reopen it and restore tabs and windows, but before you get a chance to do that you click on a link in an email or text message, and suddenly Firefox reopens to that link.

Is Plugin-Conta Eating Up Your Memory? Here’s What It Is and What to Do About It

So your Firefox browser is slow as molasses or unresponsive, and in fact your entire system is slowing towards a screeching halt. If you’re on a Mac, you do a ‘top’ and see that a process called “plugin-conta” is eating up your memory. If you’re on a Windows machine, well, you know the symptoms. What is plugin conta, and what to do? Here’s what.

A “Do Not Track” Button in Every Browser: Google, Firefox, Microsoft and Apple Formally Agree

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Firefox’s Mozilla, have at last formally agreed to include a “Do Not Track” button (DNT button) in every browser. {Let’s take this opportunity to explain that the way this works is that using the “Do Not Track” option inserts a special “Do Not Track” header into your browser. In fact, as we shall see, there may not even be a DNT button involved – you may need to be a super-user type to even find the “Do Not Track” option.} Their capitulation comes just before the Obama administration’s appeal to Congress to pass a “privacy bill of rights”, but don’t expect it to mean that they won’t still be mining your data. (P.S. See below for how to enable Do Not Track in Safari.)