Here’s How to Share a Post from Instagram to a Facebook Group or Page

If you use Instagram, and have a Facebook page or a Facebook group, at some point you may have wondered how to share something that you’ve posted on Instagram with your Facebook page or Facebook group (or both). It’s very easy to share something that you post on Instagram with your personal Facebook timeline, but a Facebook group or page, not so much. Perhaps at some point, given that Facebook now owns Instagram, Facebook will add the ability to post from Instagram to a Facebook page or group, but for now this automated workaround works really well.

The Amazon Prime Win a Free Kindle 3G Sweepstakes – It’s Legit, But with a Catch

Many of you received an email from Amazon this week which invited you to enter the “Win an Kindle 3G from” contest in honor of Amazon Prime, and, of course, and as you should, you were suspicious and are wondering whether it’s a scam. in fact, the “Win a Free Kindle 3G Sweepstakes” is legitimate! No purchase necessary, and here is how to enter (even if you didn’t get that email). You’ll need a Facebook account, as it involves the Amazon Facebook page, and that’s where the catch comes in.