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How to Make Facebook Chat Not Open Facebook Messenger on Your Phone

You may have noticed Facebook’s recent “improvement” – now if you have a private message on Facebook, Facebook Mobile will not allow you to read it within the mobile app – it forces you to read it in Facebook Messenger. Thanks (not at all), Facebook! Here’s how to be able to read your Facebook messages in your Facebook app instead of through Facebook Messenger.

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Facebook and M Login – There are Lots of Ways to Do a Facebook Mobile Login

As more and more people go mobile – and more and more people join Facebook – it’s only natural that more and more people want to combine the two, and have Facebook and m login (shorthand these days for “mobile login”). Happily, there is a mobile Facebook login page, and there is also a Facebook mobile application for just about every smartphone out there, so you can m login to your heart’s content. So if you’re wondering “how do I access Facebook on my phone?”, read on to learn about the ways to mobile login to Facebook, and about some of the Facebook mobile applications that are available.