Review of the New MySpace: Better Than Pandora, Nothing Like Facebook, Pinterest or Even the Old MySpace!

The social media world is buzzing with opinions about the new Myspace now that they have released the new version. Ever since it was announced that Justin Timberlake was one of the new partners involved in reviving the dead social media site, the Internet has been flooded with speculations as to how the newly revamped site will compare with Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora, Songza and, of course, how it compares with the old Myspace.

“Girls Around Me” Girl Finding App May No Longer Be in the App Store but It’s Still Out There

Hailed as a rapist and stalker’s haven, “Girls Around Me” is not only a creepy app in its concept, it enables iPhone and android users to track nearby women based on their geographic location. The information is aggregated from check-ins through Facebook and Four Square, and perhaps what makes it the creepiest app, and why it is being called the “stalking app,” is because if a user of the app likes what he initially sees about the girl, he can see more information about her as pulled from her Four Square account and Facebook link, including more photos of her.

Facebook Privacy Hoax Lulls Users Into False Sense of Security by Using Facebook Status to Declare Copyright on Contents of Their Facebook Accounts

A Facebook hoax has, yet again, monopolized Facebook status updates, as panicked users have been advised, by the hoax, to declare copyright in response to Facebook privacy changes. Of course, if simply declaring something on your Facebook status made it so, then the color of your bra strap would have cured breast cancer, Casey Anthony would have been found guilty, and a simple relationship status change from “married” to “divorced” would save thousands in lawyer fees.

The Antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Charities Encourage Giving on “Giving Tuesday”, Host “Giving Tuesday” Twitter Party

Thanks to Henry Timms, deputy executive director of the Jewish community center 92nd Street Y, Giving Tuesday and its upcoming Twitter party is the answer for those who have looked on in disdain at Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While some are stampeding (literally) to get those Black Friday deals, and servers are crashing while consumers are virtually stampeding to Cyber Monday, there has been an air of disgust by many on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, at the blatant, frenzied consumerism that seems to make those rabid shoppers a parody of the typical American.

Facebook ‘Profiles for Couples’ Initiative Believes Couples Should Have Shared Facebook Profiles

The new Facebook “Profiles for Couples” movement is quietly growing on Facebook. If you feel that your shared Snuggie or email address does not make you and your significant other enough of an amorphous couple blob, never fear, there is a group of co-dependant couples aiming to create shared Facebook pages. Because nothing says “healthy relationship” quite as much as a lack of personal identity.

Facebook Allowing Marketers to Target YOUR Facebook Account by Uploading Email Addresses and Phone Numbers to Match to Facebook Users

Well, Facebook has finally done it, they’ve found a way to allow unscrupulous marketers to spam your Facebook account. Facebook will allow advertisers to target users based on personal information such as phone numbers, user IDs, and email addresses. In a confirmation to, Facebook relayed their new marketing program which will begin next week, targeting ads to their “existing customers.”

Expecting a Baby? Facebook Delivers Expectant Parents Into the Snares of Opportunistic Advertisers

With the announcement that they are introducing, “expecting a baby,” as a life event option for parents-to-be, Facebook is once again proving that they have mastered the art of capitalizing on their users’ lives. And in true Facebook fashion, they claim that, no, this is just another thoughtful tool for excited expectant parents to share their overwhelming joy with their loved ones…but that perhaps they will consider using it for advertising at a later date. Founder Dalton Caldwell Moves to Create an Ad-Free Social Network

Would you pay to belong to an ad-free social network? Dalton Caldwell, mastermind behind, akin to an ad-free Facebook or ad-free Twitter, thinks you just might. While he doesn’t presume that will score the huge user-base of Twitter or Facebook, he does think that he will amass enough of a following that the $50 per person annual fee, coupled with the an ad-free and developer-friendly platform, will build a sustainable network that instills trust among both users and developers.

Here is Exactly What Facebook’s New System is Sharing About You, and Where and How They Are Doing It

We take Facebook safety seriously. A few days ago in one of our articles on Facebook we told you about Facebook’s new open social graph and Facebook apps that allow Facebook to follow you around from site to site, sharing what you are doing, and how to opt out of it doing so – that is just one of the many Facebook risks you can read about here. (On an interesting sidenote, in researching this article we found that many people search for Facebook info and never find it because they misspell “Facebook” in a number of ways, including Facebok, Faceboo, Acebook, Fcebook, Fcebook, Faebook, Fasebook, Faccebook, Facebbook, Faacebook, Faecbook, Faceebook, Fcaebook, Facebookk, Facebooks, Ffacebook, Facebood, Facerbook, Faceboock, and our personal favorite, Fecebook.)