Here’s How to Export Your Amazon Music Playlist List

If you have been frustrated trying to figure out how to export the list of songs and music from your Amazon Music playlist, well, you’re not alone. In fact, a search for this holy grail of playlist exports shows that people have been trying to export their Amazon playlists for years, to no avail. Now we’ve cracked the code – at least until Amazon finds this article and figures out how to thwart this method.

How to Export Email Addresses from Your Email Program on a Mac

There are any number of reasons that you may want to know how to export email addresses from your email program on your Mac. Whether using Apple mail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or some other program, here is how to extract the email addresses of your contacts and correspondents from your mailing program on your Mac – just make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons.

How to Export Your Mac Photos Library

There are any number of reasons that one may want to export their Mac Photos (formerly iPhoto) library, including that they want to give it to someone else, they want to duplicate it on another machine, or they want to back their entire Photos library up to another location. But how to export your Photo library, while very simple to do, is not obvious. So, here’s how to export your entire Mac Photos library.

Up to 96% of Oil from Fracking is Unusable in the U.S. – Read what the Oil Producers are Doing with It

Did you know that as much as 96 percent of all oil produced in the United States by fracking is condensate – a so-called “light oil” or “ultralight oil” which U.S. refineries are incapable of processing? Let’s say that again: as much as 96% of all fracking product is unusable in the U.S. So why the big push for fracking? Here’s what the United States, and the oil producers in the U.S. want to do with it: they want to export it! That’s right, they are taking it out of your back yard, and selling it on the global market.