California State Bar Warns of Fraudulent Email

The State Bar of California has issued an alert warning of a fraudulent complaint email being sent in their name. In an emailed statement this morning (June 8, 2016), the California State Bar said that it had received numerous inquiries about the email that supposedly had come from them, going out to members of the California bar.

Facebook Shuts Down All Facebook Hosted Email and Email Forwarding

Back in 2014 Facebook announced that it was discontinuing the Facebook email service (where people could email you at That’s because it wasn’t very popular. But just in case you were one of the handful of people who used your email address, they kept a forwarding service on so that your Facebook email address would still forward to your address of record at Facebook. However, now Facebook has finally completely shut down the email service, including email forwarding.

What Does the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Mean for Spam?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement between the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Chile, and Peru. At its heart, the TPP is intended to make trade between these and other Pacific Rim countries who may sign on to the TPP easier. What is interesting, and what many don’t realize, is that the TPP has an anti-spam section that deals with electronic commerce and spam. Sort of.

That Single, Seemingly Random Letter J in Some Email is Outlook Trying to Smile

How many times have you seen a sentence in an email that looks like this: “I’m really looking forward to seeing you tonight! J” Or “I know what you’ve been up to! J”, or any other variation, but ending with the cryptic letter J, all on its own, and wondered “What’s up with that letter J??” Does it stand for “just kidding”? (That would be ‘j/k’.) Joking? Jump? It turns out that it’s caused by Outlook, and Outlook doesn’t, apparently, have a sense of humor. It’s Outlook trying to smile – or, more precisely, it’s Outlook’s version of a smiley face.

How Can I Delete Email without Opening or “Reading” It on a Mac?

There are many reasons for wanting to be able to delete an email without opening it; for example, you may suspect that it contains malware and don’t want to have spyware installed on your computer. But one of the most common reasons that someone would want to know how to delete email without opening it or “reading” it on a Mac is because you don’t want whomever sent it to you to know that you opened it or read it.

How Come Email Messages I Delete Aren’t in the Trash in Mac Mail?

If you use Apple’s Mac mail app, occasionally you may find that your deleted email is not going to the trash folder (i.e. don’t go in the ‘trash mailbox’ as Apple calls it). Or you do an email-wide search, and while your trash is included in your search, it’s not turning up that email that you know you just deleted. Here’s one reason that deleted mail messages may not be in your trash folder in Mac mail.

How the Heck did Square Get My Email Address?

“How did this store get my email address to send me a Square receipt?” asks a reader. “I paid for something at a new store that had the Square iPad checkout thing. I never gave the store my email address, but within seconds I had an emailed receipt. How the heck did Square get my email address?” laments another. Here’s how.

How to Find and Search Your Paypal History in the New Paypal Interface

With the new Paypal interface, you may be wondering just “where the hell is my Paypal history?” And more specifically, how can I search my Paypal transaction history for an email address, a name, or a transaction or other ID, like you used to be able to do? If you are trying to find your Paypal history, here’s how to find and search your Paypal history with the new Paypal dashboard.