EFF, Bunnie Huang, File Lawsuit to Invalidate Onerous Anti-Research Provisions of DMCA

For years it has been the case that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has had a chilling effect on, among other things, security research. That is because the intended chilling effect on copying things, such as music, also bleeds over to research and development of anything related to any device or code which is ‘protected’ under the DMCA. Legal scholars, technologists, and security researchers have argued that the DMCA – and in particular section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act – is unconstitutional for this very reason.

Internet Lawsuits Big This Week: Chicago2016.com, EFF v. Bush, and RIAA v. Beckerman

This week sees a lawsuit between the City of Chicago and the owner of the Chicago2016.com domain, between the RIAA and anti-RIAA blogger Ray Beckerman over his blog “Recording Industry v. The People”, and between the EFF and Bush and dog in Jewel v NSA. And for good measure, while not Internet-related, a lawsuit to keep both Obama and McCain off the Texas ballot.

Is Your ISP Interfering with Your Downloading and Bandwith Use? Ask Switzerland and the EFF

Is your ISP interfering with your downloading and your bandwidth? If you are legitimately using a torrent service, is your ISP interfering with your connections by doing some peer-to-peer busting? Or, maybe, is your ISP is limiting or even disconnecting your VoIP calls, such as if you use Vonage, or even Skype? How would you know? By using Switzerland, the new Net Neutrality-sniffing program from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).