The Perfect Earbud Holder to Wrap, Store and Keep Your Earbuds from Getting Tangled!

Here at The Internet Patrol we get to handle a lot of tech products, and we have never, until now, found a good earbud case or earbud holder, providing a satisfactory way to wrap, store, carry, or otherwise deal with earbuds to keep them neat and from tangling. Until now. Clearly we were looking in the wrong place, because it turns out that the perfect solution isn’t in tech stores, it’s in your neighbourhood office supply store!

Apple Warns that Using Earbuds with iPod or iPhone can be Shocking Experience

Apple has just publicly copped to the fact that you can get a “small and quick electrical (static) shock from your ear buds while listening to iPod or iPhone.” The problem is not specific to the Apple ear bud type of head phones (those headsets that fit into the opening of your ear canal), but rather is specific to iPod and iPhone, and other sorts of MP3 players, and can happen with any brand of earbud.