How the Internet can Help the Injured, Burned, and Orphaned Wildlife in Australia

We’ve all heard about and seen the devastation in Australia resulting from the wildfire bushfires. Estimates are that more than 1 billion animals have lost their lives. Veterinarians for Compassion (a/k/a Vets for Compassion) now has vets on the ground, ministering to the injured, burned, and orphaned wildlife as a result of the wildfires. Here’s how you can help.

‘Giving Tuesday’: Internet Community Helping Orphaned Kitten with Lifesaving Surgery

As you may be aware, today has been designated “Giving Tuesday” (hashtag #GivingTuesday). We are doing our part by asking our readers to please give just $1 to help this orphaned kitten get lifesaving surgery. Oh, this isn’t just any kitten, this is the kitten now known as – not just ‘Chad’ – but *the* Chad. And, even if you can’t stand kitten videos, we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to ignore the below short video of the Chad begging to be held in the shower, just so that he can still be in the arms of the angel that is fostering him.

Using the Internet to Get the Word Out: Wolf Sanctuary Burned Out by Colorado Wildfire

Every once in a while we get to do something that is really meaningful, worthwhile and, above all, helpful to those truly in need. As the Colorado High Park Fire wildfire near Fort Collins continues to burn out of control – currently up to 43,000 acres with just 5% containment – buildings, and one life, have been lost. And the Wolf Sanctuary, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing captive wolves and wolf hybrids, and giving them a forever home that understands and meets their unique needs, has been burned out.

Where to Donate Online to Help Japan Relief Efforts

As the crisis in Japan continues to unfold, seemingly without end, more and more people are moved to donate to relief efforts to provide help and aid to the Japanese people, but aren’t sure which relief efforts are legitimate, or how to avoid the scams. Here are three legitimate, worthy organizations, all of which are involved in relief efforts to help the victims of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant reactor crisis. Each has a different focus, and all are legitimate, and will use your donations well.

Yes You Really Can Text the Word ‘Haiti’ to 90999 to Donate $10 to Red Cross Haitian Earthquake Relief

Text to donate? We’ve had a lot of questions about the messages flying around the Internet that you can text “Haiti” to 90999 and it will create a $10.00 donation to the relief efforts in Haiti following the horrible Hatian earthquake that has left hundreds of thousands dead, and many more injured and homeless. It’s important to understand that the $10.00 will be charged to your cell phone bill.