What do EUC, GUC, VGC, and Others on eBay, Craigslist, and Elsewhere Mean?

There are a dizzying array of abbreviations on sites on which you can purchase used clothing and other used goods, such as eBay, Craigslist, and Poshmark, just to name a few. Abbreviations such as EUC, VGUC, GUC, EU, NIB and NIP can be confusing, while other abbreviations are more readily recognized, such as NWT and OEM. Here is a guide to all of those abbreviations, be they on eBay, Craigslist, thredUP, Swap, or wherever you may see them.

Now You Have to Buy a Ticket for Some Restaurants and You can also Scalp them on Craigslist

Move over, theatres and concerts – now you also have to buy a ticket to attend some restaurants, thanks to the restaurant ticket program Tock, developed by Nick Kokonas. Can’t make your seating? That’s ok, just as with concert tickets, you can also scalp your restaurant tickets on Craigslist, where some restaurant tickets are fetching as much as $250 or more a piece.

Eric Auld and the Great Craigslist Job Posting Experiment

A Craigslist job posting experiment by recent grad, Eric Auld, highlighted just how dire the job market is for many. For those who are freshly out of school, such as Master’s graduate Auld, finding a job should be a fun prospect, full of possibilities of the dream career after the fruits of one’s academic labors. The higher one’s education, the better it would seem their chances of getting their foot in the door with the desired employer and climbing that corporate ladder.

Newest Craigslist Scam: “You have successfully posted your Craigslist ad”

Scammers are targeting Internet users with a new Craigslist scam – well, really more of a Craiglist spoof – wherein they send email to you, mostly from ‘robot@craigslist.org’, telling you that “you have succesfully posted your Craigslist ad” (although the samples we have seen actually misspell several words, so it ends up looking like “You have successfuly posted your Craiglist.org ad”).

Craiglist Deal Gone Horribly Wrong: Marine Shot 3 Times During Craigslist Transaction

Florida Marine Lt. Col. Karl Trenker and his fiancee will probably think twice before posting jewelry for sale on Craigslist again. (Actually, they will probably never use Craigslist again to post a sale – at least, we wouldn’t.) It all started when his fiancee posted a gold chain for sale on Craigslist. And ended with Trenker being shot three times, and plugging the bullet holes with his fingers while waiting for help to arrive.

Craigslist Housing Scam Offers Houses at Too-Good-to-Be-True Rental Rates

This particular Craigslist housing scam offers a house for a rent that is so low that it is too good to be true – you just have to first fill out a request for a “free credit report” at cbireport.com. The response to inquiries is canned and, in fact, has been around for a while – in our region the scam was listed under the heading “$850 / 3br – Beautiful 3 Bed, 2 Bath House”. Our sample came from “gipepazalih@hotmail.com”, but it has come from other email addresses too.

Is Social Intelligence Corp Monitoring Your Social Network Status and Reporting to Prospective Employers?

Last month Social Intelligence Corp. received official approval from the Feds to monitor and search your social network status updates and other information that is publicly searchable online. So just what is Social Intelligence doing with the results of their social network search? They are providing them to the people who pay Social Intelligence Corp. for those results: prospective employers. Anything you say or post online in a public forum can and will be used against you, including remarks that can be construed as racist, photos that can be considered explicit, or anything that can be taken as evidence of illegal activity such as drug use, to name a few. Suddenly the drunk posting of a status update on Facebook from years ago can come back to haunt you and cost you that job that you really want.

Meeting Women on Craigslist is Downfall of New York Legislator Chris Lee

It seems that meeting women on Craigslist is a lot like Lays Potato Chips – betcha can’t meet just one. Meeting women for casual sex on Craigslist is so easyso addicting – that it seems to cause all reason and logic (not to mention fidelity, honor and decency) to fly out of men’s heads. In fact, we fully expect to see Craiglist Rehab Clinics dotting the nation within the next few years. The most recent public downfall related to Craigslist cheating through Craigslist personals is that of New York Republican Representative Christopher Lee, who resigned this week after it was reported that the married Lee was trying to meet women through Craigslist.

Craigslist Adult “Erotic” Services Section Shut Down for Good – But Only in the United States

Craigslist has apparently decided that the adult version of Craigslist personals – i.e. the ads in the “Adults services” (formerly known as “erotic services”) section of Craigslist, just weren’t worth the hassle. Craigslist has officially shut down the adult erotic services section of the various Craigslists – but only in the United States. The adult services section of the Craigslist sites has certainly seen its share of problems, including the pre-trial suicide of the so-called Craiglist Killer, Philip Markoff, who was charged with killing a prostitute that he’d picked up through her Craigslist ad.

An Example of a Current Craigslist Scam

Online scams are nothing new, and Craigslist (named after founder Craig Newmark, hence Craig’s list) has always had its fair share. Perhaps the most insidious of the Craigslist scams are those which appear to be legitimate replies to Craigs list postings – after all, while many consumers are wary of what they read online, most can’t imagine that a scammer would take the time to personally reply to them! In this particular scam, the email comes from twanachausse16@aim.com on behalf of TLP Research.

Prostitution Lawsuit Against Craigslist Dismissed

A Federal court has dismissed the prostitution lawsuit brought against Craigslist by Chicago’s Cook County Sheriff’s Department and Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart. Sheriff Dart had argued that because the Craigslist erotic services section helps to arrange meetings between hookers and johns, and steers people to places where they can pay for erotic services, Craigslist is in violation of laws against prostitution, and that it should be shut down. Dart added that “the sheer number of daily postings has made it impossible to stymie Craigslist generated prostitution.”