ATT Starts Tagging Telemarketer and Spam Calls and ATT and Comcast Announce Anti-Robocalling Caller ID Partnership

AT T has started tagging telemarketer calls, so that if you have AT T and receive a telemarketing call, you will instantly know that is what it is. Concurrently, AT T and Comcast have announced a new Caller ID technology partnership which they are calling an “anti-robocalling milestone”, and in which calls that are authenticated and verified will show that the caller is verified.

Massive Comcast Phone Outage Across the Country for Second Day in a Row

A massive Comcast telephone outage is affecting businesses and homes alike across the United States for the second day in a row. States coast to coast are affected, including California, Washington state, New York, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, along with inland states like Colorado and Illinois. Major cities that are effected include Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Manhattan, and Philadelphia, along with many outlying cities in those areas.

Employees Hurt by Illegal Non-Poach Agreement Between Apple, Google, Intel, IBM, eBay, Microsoft, and Others to Get Day in Court

Employees of more than a dozen high tech giants were subject to a secret agreement (see the smoking gun documents) between the companies to not poach each other’s employees. The deal, labelled “Techtopus” by journalist Mark Ames, included Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe, Dell, IBM, eBay, Microsoft, Comcast, Clearchannel, Dreamworks and Pixar, and British public relations company WPP (which stands for Wire and Plastics Products – they started out as a manufacturer of shopping baskets).

Comcast Offers ‘Boss Button’ to Hide Watching March Madness Basketball at Work

It’s time again for March Madness. For those of you who don’t follow sports, March Madness refers to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Division One basketball tournament, which occurs during three weeks in March. During which sixty-five universities duke it out in 64 games. So popular is March Madness that The NCAA now streams it live on the Internet with a service called March Madness on Demand (MODD); and so ardent are March Madness fans that Comcast has sponsored a button on the viewer called “The Boss Button” which, when pressed, throws up a fakespread sheet, so that fans can watch while at work without getting busted.