How to Get the Chumby App for Android to Work

You may have read our article about the Chumby, and about how much we like it. Well, now you don’t even need a Chumby to enjoy the Chumby experience! If you have an Android phone, you can get Andorid Chumby application on your phone! Some people are finding that the Chumby app for Android doesn’t work, but that’s because there is a trick to getting the Chumby. It is an easy trick to getting the Chumby android app to work, and here it is!

The Ultimate Christmas Gift for that Person who Has Everything: Chumby!

We are often asked what are the hot Christmas gifts this year, and in our list of top ten Christmas gifts, Chumby is right at the top. In fact, the only reason that we can imagine that Chumby didn’t catch on like wildfire when it was first introduced is due to anemic marketing. Because Chumby just may be the mother of all Christmas present ideas. In fact, if you are wondering what are some good Christmas presents, or are looking for some last minute Christmas gifts, you can’t go wrong with a Chumby. Chumby offers something for everybody, from 5 to 95. And because if you give it to a child, the parent can control the content, it’s very child-safe!