The Best Christmas Sugar Cookies Recipe on the Internet

This time of year lots of people are searching online for the ultimate sugar cookie recipe. For that one recipe for the best sugar cookies out there, but one that is also easy to make, and yet allows you to make great cut out or decorated (or cut out and decorated) Christmas sugar cookies. But wait, it also has to be a recipe for make-ahead sugar cookies. Well, this recipe is all that, and more!

Our Picks for Great Christmas Websites for the 2015 Holidays

There are hundreds of thousands of Christmas themed websites (and orders of magnitude more holiday themed websites), so how can you possibly be expected to find and choose the best Christmas websites? You can’t, because, for one thing, “best” is so very subjective. So instead, we offer you our picks for some great Christmas themed websites for 2015! Let us know if you think they are the ‘best’ in your estimation!

Real-Life Example: Picture of Children Filched from Blog and Made All-Too Public

We’ve been telling people for years not to put pictures of your children up online on the Internet. Nobody ever believes us that perfect strangers will not only find those pictures, but do inappropriate things with them. Now here’s a real-life example of this happening. In the instant case, Danielle and Jeff Smith are lucky that “all” that was done with the picture of their children is that it was blown up bigger than lifesize and used in an advertisement half-way around the world.