New Privacy Nightmare Camera-Enabled Amazon ‘Echo Look’ Lets Alexa Critique Your Wardrobe

We thought it was weird that Alexa will soon be able to detect your moods, and when we wrote about the hidden dangers of the Amazon Echo, we never dreamed that Amazon would up the ante by adding a hands-free video camera to the Echo! But that’s exactly what they’ve done with the Amazon Echo Look. And they expect you to use it in your bedroom, or bathroom, or wherever you get dressed, so that your Echo can give you wardrobe feedback with Amazon’s new Alexa-based ‘Style Check’ service.

How Do I Know if I Have the Blackshades RAT on My Computer?

It is known that over 500,000 Windows computers worldwide are infected with the Blackshades RAT (Remote Access Tool) malware creepware. This means that if you have a Windows computer, or run Windows on your Mac, you need to check to see whether your computer has been infected with this silent privacy and security killer. The surest way is to check for any of the following files anywhere on your hard drive: dos_sock.bss, nir_cmd.bss, pws_cdk.bss, pws_chro.bss, pws_ff.bss, pws_mail.bss, pws_mess.bss