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Airtime – Like Chatroulette Only Without the Exposed Genitals (Includes Airtime How-to)

Chatroulette founder Andrey Ternovskiy acknowledged that the Chatroulette video chat site that he founded when he was 17 had..problems, primarily that users of Chatroulette liked to expose themselves. But Ternovskiy believed in Chatroulette, so strongly, in fact, that he moved to Palo Alto, the hotbed of startup funding. Nonetheless, Chatroulette essentially tanked, in large part owing to the X-rated material. Enter Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, who have now co-founded Airtime, a randomized video-chat service which they say has all the fun of Chatroulette, without the exposed private parts. They have even managed to raise $33 million dollars in investments from top-shelf Silicon Valley venture funds.

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SocialEyes – Video Chat with All Your Facebook Friends – Sort Of

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the new online service, SocialEyes ( What you may have heard is that it’s like the Russian Chatroulette, only clean, and with your Facebook friends. Which isn’t really accurate, because Russia Chatroulette connects you serially with random people, while SocialEyes allows you and several of your friends (whom you know, they are not random people) to chat all at once with each other. However, it has severe limitations, and several quality issues. For example, you cannot invite friends on SocialEyes directly, they have to be on Facebook and you can only invite Facebook friends. And nowhere do they tell you how to cancel SocialEyes (we tell you how to remove SocialEyes below).