Twitter Television Show “Stuff My Dad Says” to Star William Shatner

Yes, Twitter really is coming to television. But unlike the Twitter reality television show that was touted last year, but that never came to pass, this Twitter tv show is really set to happen. Starring William Shatner, the Twitter television show is based on the real-life Twitter account and Twitter feed of Twitter user Justin Halpern, who publishes stuff that his father says under the Twitter name “Shit My Dad Says” (really). Halpern also just published the book, “St*ff My Dad Says”, based on his Twitter feed. While Halpern is the Twitter helmsman, it is really his father, 73-year old Sam Halpern, played in the show by William Shatner, who is the star of the feed, the book, and the show, which, according to reports, is to be called either “Stuff My Dad Says” or “Bleep My Dad Says”.