ATT Starts Tagging Telemarketer and Spam Calls and ATT and Comcast Announce Anti-Robocalling Caller ID Partnership

AT T has started tagging telemarketer calls, so that if you have AT T and receive a telemarketing call, you will instantly know that is what it is. Concurrently, AT T and Comcast have announced a new Caller ID technology partnership which they are calling an “anti-robocalling milestone”, and in which calls that are authenticated and verified will show that the caller is verified.

Did You Get a Call from 760-705-8888? 760-705-8888 is the Number of the (Google Chat) Beast

Did you get a phone call from 760-705-8888, and you are wondering who was calling? Or maybe you answered a call from 760-705-8888, only to hear heavy breathing on the other end, or, worse, some scam artist trying to scam you. The reason that your caller I.D. is showing this number is because they are using Google Chat to call you, and 760-705-8888 is the outbound number that Google Chat uses.