Facebook says Millions of Pictures Exposed by ‘Bug’ – Including Unpublished Ones

Facebook has announced that up to 1500 third-party Facebook apps had access to user photos that they were not supposed to be able to access – including unpublished photos. The self-inflicted privacy hole was due to a ‘bug’ in the Facebook photo API which, Facebook says, granted the apps unpermitted access to the photos of as many as 6.8 million Facebook users for 12 days in September of 2018.

Thought Someone Was Blocked on Facebook? Think Again as Facebook Announces Blocking Bug Hit Nearly 1million FB Users

Earlier this week, in fact just before the 4th of July (was that planned, knowing fewer people would be paying attention?), Facebook announced that a “blocking bug” (actually an “unblocking bug – some outlets have been referring to it as a virus) had hit more than 800,000 users, causing people that the Facebook users had blocked to become unblocked, with no notice or warning.

Arrival of 2011 Causes iPhone Alarms to Stop Working Thanks to iPhone Alarm Bug – Here’s How to Fix that Broken iPhone Alarm

iPhone users around the world are finding (some the hard way) that the change from 2010 to 2011 has caused the alarms on their iPhones to stop working. This primarily is affecting one-time alarms, not repeating alarms, but that doesn’t make it any the less frustrating, especially for those who relied on their alarms to get them up this morning for work, only to find that their iPhone alarm didn’t go off. Fortunately there is a workaround for your broken iPhone alarm.