Authors and Publishers: How to Opt Out of Amazon’s Kindle Lending Service for Your Kindle Book

While the new Kindle Lending program may be good news to a lot of people, not everybody loves it. In particular, if you are an author or publisher whose book is carried on Amazon in Kindle format, you may not want people sharing your copyrighted material freely with others. If that describes you, here’s how to opt out of Kindle lending of your book.

Students Can Now Rent Textbooks on Amazon

Gone are the days when paying through the nose is the only option for students who need textbooks, now students can rent textbooks from While renting textbooks is not a new idea, the ability to do so through Amazon offers an attractive, easy, and simple textbook rental option, especially since so many students already have Amazon accounts.

US Government Files Anti-Trust Collusion Lawsuit Against Apple and Publishers Over Alleged eBook Price-Fixing

Much of the technology world was stunned to learn that an antitrust lawsuit against technology giant, Apple Inc, and several book publishers, was filed by the US. Government Wednesday morning. The lawsuit charges that Apple and the named publishers conspired to raise the retail prices of electronic-books in order to shun the competition, namely, who many say has monopolized the e-book industry.

New Amazon Service Lets You Read Purchased Books Instantly Online

Amazon has rolled out a new service that lets you read your books online as soon as you purchase them. Not only does Amazon’s new service let you read newly purchased books online, but you can also highlight, tag, and bookmark pages – and you can even print pages, and copy and paste text from the pages of your new book! All before you ever receive the actual hardcopy of the book – in fact, you can start reading it online instantly, as soon as you purchase it, using the Amazon Online Reader (which is really just an interface for your web browser).

Google Settles Class Action Book Scanning Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

It’s no secret that Google is scanning entire books and putting them on the Internet. In fact, we reported their first wholesale scanning project – scanning books from five major libraries – more than four years ago. That lead to outcries and debates over whether Google’s scanning of books was copyright infringement, and sure enough, in what seemed like a New York minute, the Author’s Guild sued Google over that scanning.