List of Numbers that Telemarketers Use to Call You

Have you ever wished that you could have a list of numbers from which telemarketers call or robocall you, so that you could block or blacklist them? Well, we have started such a list of numbers that telemarketer autodialers use to call you – please feel to grab the numbers from this list, and also to add other numbers as you find them. The only requirement is that they actually called you (as is the case with our list), and that you know it was truly a telemarketer or telemarketing firm that either called or robocalled you.

How to Opt Out of Interest Based Ads and Behavioral Advertising

Behavioral advertising, also known as behavioral targeting or behavioral marketing, is when an advertiser or advertising server hooks into the data that is stored by your browser or app, to serve you interested based ads. These things tell the advertisers and networks things such as what searches you recently conducted, what sites you visited, etc.. Behavioral advertising is increasingly being used by advertisers and their publishers (Facebook just announced they are using behavioral advertising), and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned for their privacy. So how can you opt-out of behavioral advertising?

Google Glass Detector Claims to Block Google Glass

If you are one of the legion who think that Google Glass sucks, at least in terms of privacy invasion, you may also be wondering if it is possible to jam Google Glass. Until now there was no simple way to block Google Glass wearers from taking a video or photos of you, but now there may be. Julian Oliver has written a script,, with which, says Oliver, you can “Find a Google Glass and kick it from the network.”

New Easier Way to Block Requests and Invitations from Facebook Apps

Facebook has quietly enabled a new, easier way to block Facebook apps from spamming you with invitations, requests, and other annoying intrusions, and here’s how to block Facebook apps using this new convenient method. This is a welcome change, as previously you had to go to a completely different page in order to block an app (although if you want to instead block all invitations from a particular user, you still need to go to that “manage apps” page).

Iran Creates Internal Internet for Iranian citizens, Blocks Gmail, Google, and, Eventually, Maybe Even the World Wide Web

The Iranian government has blocked Gmail and Google until further notice. In an announcement, that included sending a notice to citizens via text message, government officials stated that the services would be filtered, and indeed it appears that, while Google is accessible, it doesn’t actually work for searching purposes.

U.S. Justice Department Moves to Block AT and T / T-Mobile Merger

If the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has its way, the proposed merger between AT and T and T-Mobile will be vetoed, because it will create a monopoly in violation of antitrust law. According to papers filed by the DOJ in Federal court, “AT and T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low-priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market.”