How to Run Android on a Barnes and Noble Nook Reader

If you are wanting a tablet, but not an iPad – and in particular if you specifically want an Android tablet – you may think that you have only one choice: the new Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet. But you’d be wrong, because the Barnes and Noble Nook Color eBook Reader actually runs on Android, and it’s not that difficult to hack it (“root” the Nook) to run the more full version of Android, giving you an honest-to-goodness Android tablet!

Market to Barnes and Noble: Your Nook is a Bomb, Go Back to Books and Leave Tablets to the Kindle and iPad

Readers of all ages and backgrounds love a trip to Barnes & Noble for the selection, the atmosphere, and the service. And that really great coffee. But lovers of e-books have ignored Barnes and Noble’s proprietary Nook e-reader in favor of the iPad from Apple and Kindle from Amazon. As a result, the foray into its own tablet has hemorrhaged loses to the point that the retailer appears to have given up on the much ballyhooed effort.

Barnes and Noble CEO: “Borders Sold Us Your Personal Data and We’re Going to Use It”

This interesting little tidbit landed in our inbox just moments ago: Borders sold all of their customer data to Barnes and Noble, including information about your DVD and other video purchases! And, clearly, your associated email address! Or, another way to look at it is that Barnes and Noble purchased your customer data from Borders. And promptly added you to a mailing list without your consent to use your personal data from Borders, which they *also* obtained without your consent. Either way you look at it, neither of them come up smelling like roses.