Bug in FaceTime Lets Callers Hear Your Audio Even if You Haven’t Accepted the Call – Also How to Disable FaceTime

In the past 24 hours it was revealed, and then admitted by Apple, that a bug in the FaceTime app was allowing FaceTime callers to listen in on the audio of what was going on around the recipient’s device before the recipient picked up the call. And if the recipient pressed the button to reject the call, instead of ending the call it would start broadcasting video from the recipient’s device as well!

Online Audio of Southwest Pilot Tammie Jo Shults’ Communication with Air Traffic Control Tower

As the world mourns for Jennifer Riordan, the Southwest passenger who was partially ejected through the blown-out window of Southwest flight 1380 yesterday (April 17, 2018), the world is also lauding Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults for her cool, level-headed handling of the situation, saving the lives of the rest of the 149 passengers and crew on board the crippled airplane. You can listen to sound clips of that audio here.