Apple Sued for Colluding with Mafia in Bugging Man’s iPods

From our “Now I’ve heard it all” department, Gregory McKenna (misreported in many articles as “George McKenna”) is suing, among others, the St. Louis County Police Department, the FBI, and Apple Computers for allegedly allowing the Mafia to bug his iPods (along with his house, his cars, and more) and allowing them to play sinister songs with hidden messages to him on his iPods.

“Waiting for Time Capsule to Restart” when Using Time Capsule to Extend a Wireless Network

Are you “waiting for Time Capsule to restart” while you are trying to set up Time Capsule to add itself to your existing wireless network, only to find that Time Capsule never does restart? And then, when you hit “rescan” it can’t find the Apple Time Capsule at all, even though it had just found it moments before? Here’s what to do.