Amazon Finally Selling Current Apple Products Like iPhones, iPads, in Time for Christmas

If you’ve ever tried to buy the latest Apple products on Amazon, particularly products like an iPhone or an iPad or an Apple Watch, or a related accessory by Apple, you may have been frustrated at the limited availability. While older models and refurbs were often available, the latest and greatest was never before sold on Amazon. That all changed this past week, as Apple and Amazon reached an agreement that allows Amazon to sell current Apple products.

How to Use the Apple Watch as a Pedometer Without Your iPhone and No Extra Apps

Does the Apple Watch natively record your steps without the iPhone? Yes! Your Apple Watch has a pedometer function, and automatically counts steps without the iPhone – in fact you don’t even need to take your iPhone with you for the step tracking and step counting function to work! That’s right, you can leave your iPhone at home and your Apple Watch will count your steps for you!

How to Make a Gratitude Watch with Your Apple Watch

A picture is worth a thousand words, the old saying goes, and perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in how a picture can instantly evoke a feeling in you. And that is how we got the idea of creating a “gratitude watch” with an Apple watch. Imagine how calming it could be to see a picture that fills you with gratitude every time you lift your wrist! And whenever you check the time – often an action that creates stress – that will be countered with an image that induces calm!

Taming Apple Watch Notifications and Alerts

Trying to figure out how to set all of the notifications and alerts on your Apple watch can be confusing. In our article on 12 not obvious things you’ll want to know about the Apple watch, we explain a bit about how to work with notifications on your watch, but did not go into detail setting notifications and alerts on your Apple watch. That’s why this article is devoted to the ins and outs of setting notifications and alerts on your watch.

12 Not Obvious Things You’ll Want to Know about Your Apple Watch

Let us start by saying that we were those people who thought the idea of an Apple watch was ridiculous. Then we realized that it’s a lot less rude to surreptitiously check our watch than it is to whip out our phone every time a message comes in, and that started the descent into Apple watch fandom. This is not a review of the Apple watch, so much as it is a list of things that are nonobvious, that you’ll want to know about your Apple watch.