Target Discontinues Giving Red Card Proceeds to Schools, Cancels Take Charge of Education Program

One of the advantages of having a Target Red card, whether the credit card or check debit card, in addition to free shipping when you order online from Target, was that you could feel good that 5% of the profits from your purchase were being given by Target to a school of your choice, through the Target Take Charge of Education program. Well, not any more. Target has just announced that they are terminating the Target Take Charge of Education program, effective six months from now, in May, 2016.

New Facebook Privacy Settings Confounding, Consternating, and Concerning

We’ve received rafts of concerns about the newest Facebook Privacy Announcement and the new Facebook privacy policies – and even about Facebook’s privacy policies policies (like the policy of forcing you to revisit their privacy policies repeatedly, and requiring you to confirm what appear to be new settings or keep your “old settings” without giving you a chance to see or understand what your “old settings” were to start with).