Amazon Finally Selling Current Apple Products Like iPhones, iPads, in Time for Christmas

If you’ve ever tried to buy the latest Apple products on Amazon, particularly products like an iPhone or an iPad or an Apple Watch, or a related accessory by Apple, you may have been frustrated at the limited availability. While older models and refurbs were often available, the latest and greatest was never before sold on Amazon. That all changed this past week, as Apple and Amazon reached an agreement that allows Amazon to sell current Apple products.

Amazon Opens Full-Scale Brick and Mortar Amazon 4-Star Store in Colorado, New York, with Berkeley on the Way

This week Amazon opened its second 4 Star by Amazon store (the first is in New York City) at the Park Meadows shopping center in Lone Tree, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. It’s interesting to note that Denver got its Amazon 4 Star store even before tony Berkeley, California, which is slated for the third 4 Star store in the near future. (List of Amazon 4-Star store locations below.)

How to Cancel CBS All Access and Other Amazon Streaming Prime Channels

If you have a Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Firestick, or other Internet television device, you may have come across Amazon Prime Video Channels such as CBS All Access, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz. And you may have been tempted to try the 7-day free trial of one or the other of these channels, and now you want to know how to cancel that subscription before it actually charges you the $4.99 to $14.99 per month (per channel). Here’s how to cancel that Amazon Prime Channel subscription.

Amazon Raises the Pay Bar as it Raises Minimum Pay for All U.S. Employees to $15 per Hour

As the holiday season approaches, the low unemployment rate has employers – especially those involved with retail – scrambling to hire workers. Amazon has figured out a novel way to bring in more new employees: pay them more. And so, Amazon announced today that effective November 1, 2018, all U.S.-based Amazon employees, across the board, will be earning a minimum of $15.00 per hour.

Amazon Opens 7 New Fulfillment Centers; Offers ‘Order and Pick Up’ at Whole Foods for Prime Members

In case you were wondering whether Amazon might be slowing down in any way – they’re not. In fact, in addition to their looking for the location for their second headquarters, they have announced that they are opening seven new fulfillment centers in August alone! Salt Lake City, Orlando, Las Vegas, Aberdeen MD, Shelby Township MI, and Troutdale OR are all seeing a new fulfillment center open this month, and Las Vegas has not one, but two new Amazon fulfillment centers opening in August. Separately, Amazon has also announced a new perk for Prime members: you can now place an order with Whole Foods through the Prime app, and it will not only be waiting for you when you arrive, but a Whole Foods team member will bring your order out to your car!

Target Will Match Amazon Prices on the Spot! Here is How to Get that Amazon Price at Target

We’ve all done the in-store/Amazon price matching game: perusing the aisles of a nearby retailer and then whipping out our smartphones to see if we can find better online prices at Amazon. Well Target wants everyone to know how to get Amazon prices at Target: just ask. They have announced that they will match prices of Amazon, all year round. And Target is not stopping with Amazon, they will also price match qualifying merchandise to the prices advertised on the websites of Best Buy, Toys R Us {Ed. note: as of March, 2018, Toys R Us is closing for good}, and Walmart!

Amazon Acquires Pill Pack Pharmacy Making Amazon as Full Service as Walmart, Target and Costco

Last week it was announced that Amazon is acquiring online pharmacy PillPack for just under 1billion (yes, with a ‘b’) dollars. Most online pundits are comparing the Amazon PillPack deal to other players in the pharmaceutical industry. But quick, what other giant retailers offer furniture, clothing, household goods, groceries, and prescriptions? Right, Walmart, Target, and Costco.

Amazon Echo Alexa Now Lets You Create Your Own Interactive Custom Skills – But There’s a Catch

Amazon has just announced that Alexa can now use custom created skills – meaning skills created by you. Not only that, the Amazon Echo team has made it super easy for you to create those Alexa skills by launching Alexa Skill Blueprints (‘Alexa Blueprints’ for short). Alexa Blueprints are fill-in-the-blank templates that you edit online, in your Amazon account, which, once saved, you access through your Echo. It all sounds so peachy keen. But there’s a gotcha.

Amazon Threatens Me with Termination of My Top Reviewer Status for No Real Reason

A little over a year ago we told you how to become an Amazon reviewer that gets free stuff in exchange for writing reviews. Then, in October of 2016 Amazon changed the rules and ever since then reviewers are no longer allowed to receive free or discounted things in exchange for writing a review (with books being the one exception). In fact, if a reviewer is caught receiving products in exchange for a review they can be terminated as a reviewer, with all of their reviews deleted. (That actually happened to their #1 reviewer, without Amazon giving him any explanation at all.)

Do You Suffer from Amazon Guilt? Should You Feel Guilty about Shopping Online with Amazon?

There is a new condition known as ‘Amazon Guilt’. Oh, it’s not clinically recognized, but it’s starting to be socially recognized. It’s basically the guilt that one feels for buying things online from Amazon rather than from a local provider. Sort of the way some people may feel guilty about shopping at big box stores rather than smaller mom and pop shops.