What is that Unexplained $79.00 Charge from Amazon?

If you get an unexpected and unexplained charge on your credit card for $79.00 from Amazon, it is almost certainly the renewal for your Amazon Prime membership. Or, should we say, the automatic renewal for your Amazon Prime, which is why you didn’t get any sort of warning or explaination – apparently Amazon does not send invoices or other reminders of the autorenewal for your Prime service.

Amazon Offers Free Amazon Prime Deal to College Students with ‘Amazon Student’

Ok, this is one sweet deal on Amazon Prime. Even at the regular $79.00 per year for Amazon Prime, it’s well worth it for those of us who do a lot of shopping on Amazon (free shipping, no taxes, such a deal!) Of course, it only works if the “free shipping” more than covers the cost of the $79.00 for the annual Amazon Prime membership (in our case it way more than covers it). But now, with the Amazon Student deal, college students can get a free Amazon Prime membership! As in, free for the whole year!

Get a Free Trial of Amazon Prime with this Free Amazon Prime Membership Offer!

Ok, this is totally cool! Right now you can get a FREE trial of Amazon prime! And it isn’t just some chintzy “try it with one order” or “try it for a week”! This offer gives you a full month of free Amazon prime membership! This means that you can have a free membership to Amazon prime shipping items for free to your heart’s content for a full month, even if you have no intention of becoming a paid member of Amazon prime!