How the Heck did Square Get My Email Address?

“How did this store get my email address to send me a Square receipt?” asks a reader. “I paid for something at a new store that had the Square iPad checkout thing. I never gave the store my email address, but within seconds I had an emailed receipt. How the heck did Square get my email address?” laments another. Here’s how.

How to Set Up and Send from Your Default “From” Email Address on the iPad

One of the biggest (and indeed only) frustrations for people who use the iPad (be it iPad 2, iPad 3, or originally flavor iPad) for business, or even for personal email use if you don’t use a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or other webmail address) is that the native mail app on the iPad will only use your webmail address as your “From” address, even if you have a different default email address set within your webmail app. For example, your Gmail address may be, but you may have set as your default “From:” address in Gmail, and Gmail will honor that, but the mail app on your iPad will insist on sending your email ‘from’ your address instead of your default address. There is no way to change that default “from” address on your iPad. But it turns out that there is a way to beat your iPad into submission, and to set your default “from” address to whatever you would prefer it to be. Here’s how.

Facebook to Allow Sharing Your Address and Telephone Number with Third Parties

As if it isn’t bad enough that Facebook is sharing your private phone number with all of your Facebook friends, there has been quite a stir this week over the news that Facebook is moving forward with their plans to allow third parties to access your contact information, including your address and telephone number. While Facebook denies this in the press, Facebook themselves confirmed it in a formal letter to the U.S. legislature, signed by Facebook’s VP of Global Public Policy, Marne Levine.

Full Text of President Obama’s February 24 2009 Speech to Congress

People are looking all over online for it – so here it is: the full text of President Obama’s address (it’s not a “State of the Union Address” as that officially happens after his first year in office, although for all intents and purposes it was a State of the Union – or, rather, a State of the Economy or State of the Economic Recovery address) that he gave on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

What Your Email Address Says About You

Researchers in Germany have come out with a very interesting study about what your choice of email address says about you. We’ve already talked about what the domain of your email address says about you (such as do you send from,,, etc.), but this new study looks specifically at the username side of your email address. Such as, are you “onehottie@”, “buttoneddown@”, or “uptight@”? In fact, the title subject is (that is the German arm of Hotmail).