FCC Investigating CenturyLink Outage – Says “Unacceptable”

Yesterday we reported on the nationwide CenturyLink outage – an outage which is still going on in many parts of the country, more than 24 hours later. We also reported that as a result of this outage, many 911 emergency services were and are unreachable. Now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is investigating the CenturyLink outage, calling the breadth and duration of it “unacceptable”.

Interview with Chaplain Andrea Raynor

Andrea Raynor has seen her share of suffering. She served as chaplain to the morgue at Ground Zero in the aftermath of September 11th, and she is currently a hospice chaplain. The challenges that Raynor has faced uniquely qualify her to discuss and advise on the similarities and differences of losing a loved one unexpectedly through unanticipated tragedy, versus the (relatively) long goodbye of an illness, and, most importantly, how to support those left behind in each case. In this interview, Andrea addresses precisely these topics, among others, as well as shares some of the stories of her incredible life.