T-mobile Set to Roll out Unlimited Data Plan

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T-Mobile USA is bending over backwards to keep their dwindling customer-base by offering a new unlimited data plan. The new plan will roll out in September and is hoped to rival their competitors, who have started putting a cap on data use. T-Mobile’s new plan will run users between $70-90 per month, depending on which smart phone you choose, and will allow unlimited voice, text and Internet usage.

This move comes as no huge surprise considering T-Mobile lost 205,000 subscribers in their second quarter. Many have left because other carriers offer a more enticing line of smart phones, including the iPhone, and faster data networks. A lack of iPhone has been a much-cited reason for customer loss, and T-Mobile’s new unlimited data plan is launching not long before the release of the newest iPhone.

While T-Mobile has the competitive edge by not charging extra for data overages, they will still slow down the Internet speed for those who use data very heavily, which will make things like video browsing painfully slow. But they maintain that this will be a rare occurrence. Says Harry Thomas, director of marketing for T-Mobile, “We want to eliminate the situation of ‘Do I want to stream Netflix for kids or worry about data overage?’ ”

T-Mobile’s new plan is coming at a time when other carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless, have stopped selling unlimited data plans and started moving towards data share plans. With data share plans, subscribers will be able to buy a certain amount of data to be used among their different devices. Many say that this move by T-Mobile is a good one, because they will now be only one of two carriers to offer unlimited plans (with Sprint being the other), but it remains to be seen if that will be enough to counteract the allure of the newest, coolest smart phone.

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