Superdelegates Seek Voting Advice on YouTube

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Here’s your chance to tell a superdelegate how to vote! Superdelegates Lauren Wolfe and Awais Khaleel have posted a video on YouTube asking for opinions on how they should vote. Once you’ve joined the almost 15,000 people who have watched the video you can leave them text or video feedback on YouTube, or you can find them on MySpace and Facebook and leave your comment there.

On the day that Barack Obama won handsomely in the North Carolina primary but was edged out in Indiana by Hillary Clinton, there’s still much to play for in the dramatic contest for the Democratic Party’s nomination. The final decision is likely to depend heavily on the superdelegates, the 795 leaders and officials of the Democratic party who are automatically delegates to the National Convention to be held in Denver in late August.

You can be sure that both candidates are pursuing relentlessly each of the 250 or so of these superdelegates who have yet to declare for whom they will cast their vote. So Lauren Wolfe and Awais Khaleel, both from the College Democrats of America, are seeking guidance from those they represent, young people, and are using a most relevant and appropriate way of garnering their feedback; the Internet.

You just have to applaud their effort to seek, transparently and directly, input from those they are meant to represent. We hope though, that today’s college students – the YouTube-watching, iPod-wearing, plugged-in-switched-on generation – won’t get too distracted from their finals. Procrastination is, after all, the grave of opportunity, and so can be put off until tomorrow. Or the day after.

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