Sudden Influx of Japanese Spam Following Japan Earthquake

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There are reports of a huge increase in the amount of Japanese spam following the massive 9.0 earthquake, the aftershocks, and the tsunamis that battered Japan over the past weekend. There are several theories as to why the marked increase in spam from Japanese addresses and servers, ranging from “all hell breaking out” to “spammers, like cockroaches, can survive anything.”

Our own theory is that nobody is watching the Internet store right now, as they have their hands full with other, more pressing matters, and perhaps Japanese spammers also figure that this is as good a time as any to get into the spamming game, as who is going to take time away from the issues of the day to track down someone who is spamming? Plus, a lot of people are stuck inside with nothing to do.

Whatever the explaination (and feel free to chime in with your own!) here is a snapshot of our spam inbox today – more than 50% Japanese spam!



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One thought on “Sudden Influx of Japanese Spam Following Japan Earthquake

  1. Perhaps the earthquake cracked the spam containment facility, allowing it to flow free.

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