Spyware for Pornography Site Leads to Jail Time

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Spyware which redirected users machines to a pornography site, in fact spyware which made user’s main page the pornography site, has lead to the arrest of a man in Korea. In addition to changing the user’s main page on their computer, the spyware also redirected the user’s computer to the pornography site whenever the user typed certain words into the address bar of their browser. And the spyware also popped up pornography ads on the user’s machine every thirty minutes.

The perpetrator, a Mr. Chung, who had contracted with and was being paid by the porn site to spread the spyware, has been returned to prison for another ten months. He had previously spent eight months in prison for the same activity!

The lesson here? First, certain website will pay people to infect your computer with spyware which will take control of your computer and bring you to their website. And second, it’s lucrative or otherwise alluring enough to entice someone to risk prison again in order to do it.

So, boys and girls, make sure that your anti-spyware program is set to stun.

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One thought on “Spyware for Pornography Site Leads to Jail Time

  1. It is bad when your/my homepage is changed. Especially when it is done by a “trusted” source. Such was/is the case with me; around February this year my FireFox was “Hacked” by the good people at Mozilla. They downloaded a program/add-on called “ZoomIn” and changed my 11-tab weather opening pages. Now I can’t get rid of the negative effects of Zoom-In. It hangs my machine (Acer Aspire 3000) on shutdown; it hangs it on startup; it is probably the main cause that my machine looses its sound card (code 10) forcing me to run restore to the nearest set point to get it back; it reversed the chroma on another machine whenever I tried to view anything, whether it was MediaPlayer, or DVD programs – I had to “restore” it as well.
    I learned my lesson and removed my third machine from the InterNet before firing up FireFox on it and disabled the auto-updating, but it was too late for the other two machines.
    It appears I may be compelled to re-OS both systems just to get rid of this horribla menace. I still use FireFox, but do not appreciate their whacking/hacking attitude. If you do not like the BlueSpammers, perhaps you can find out how many others have been victimized by the FireFox hammer(s). At least FF can be disabled manually, but I still suffer consistant problems before discovering that they planned to take over my whole system by offering me a “free” service.

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