Sonny Outlook for Peachy Anti-Spam Law in Georgia

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Georgia’s Internet citizenry got a treat yesterday as Governor Sonny Perdue introduced legislation aimed at making spamming the good citizens of Georgia (or, indeed, by the good citizens of Georgia) a criminal offense.

The proposed legislation, known as the “Georgia Slam Spam E-mail Act” (gotta work on those acronyms, Mr. Perdue), would criminalize the sending of spam under certain circumstances, including sending more than 10,000 messages a day, generating large sums of money from spamming activities ($1000 from a single spam or $50,000 in total), or employing minors in the commission of the spam. Spam is defined in the bill as “commercial e-mail that makes false promises or is misleading – such as advertisements with headers that disguise them as personal messages”.

Perdue, in urging Georgia legislators to approve the bill, said that it needed to be passed so that “Georgians can once again check their e-mail without having to wade through a cesspool of spam.”

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2 thoughts on “Sonny Outlook for Peachy Anti-Spam Law in Georgia

  1. Earthlink’s headquarters are in Atlanta, so if Earthlink and the Georgia AG work together (a la AOL & Virginia) it should be relatively easy for ’em.

    Also, they’re close enough to be able to send the Georgia National Guard down to Boca Raton if they have to!

  2. I wonder how much funding he has committed to actually enable enforcement of this new law ?

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