Justice Department Ferguson Report Now Online

The Justice Department has released the results of its investigations into both the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, and into the Ferguson Police Department itself, along with an online statement regarding its investigation into the shooting, and the atmosphere of fear and racism, in Ferguson, Missouri. Here is an overview, and links to the reports online.

Internet “Traveling Cloud Museum” Shines Light on the Hart Island Dead

Hart Island in New York is a massive burial site for the poor and unclaimed. A mass grave cemetary, also known as a “Potter’s field”, Hart Island (sometimes referred to as Hart’s Island or Heart Island) is run by the New York City Department of Correction, and few living people, other than the Rikers Island inmates who dig the pauper’s graves, are allowed to set foot on Hart Island. Even for the relatives of the dead who are buried there, the New York City DoC grants visiting permission only rarely.

What is a GPO? We Explain

It seems like there is a new acronym on the Internet every week. Most recently, the acronym “GPO” has started cropping up online. Curiously (and perhaps frustratingly) to what it may refer won’t be clear from the GPO acronym itself, as it can refer to a couple of different things. (This is what happens when “professionals” start playing loosely with language.)