What the Melania Trump Website Looked Like and Said Before it was Taken Down

Melania Trump’s website was taken down yesterday, over questions about her claim to have obtained a college degree in design and architecture from the University of Slovenia. MelaniaTrump.com now forwards to the primary Donald Trump website. But because everything on the Internet persists, and because Mrs. Trump is a public figure, we can show you exactly what that site looked like, and what it said. Here’s what Mrs. Trump website looked like, and what it said, before it was taken down.

Smartphones + Mobile Apps + Adaptive Workforce = Gig Economy

Are you part of the new so-called ‘gig economy’? If you don’t know what the gig economy is, probably not, but even if not, you almost certainly know someone who is. According to recent statistics, 16% of the American workforce is working in the gig economy – that’s nearly 1 in 5 people. And at least one pundit factors smartphones and mobile apps into why the gig economy is growing.

Is it Really Possible to Manage Your Online Reputation?

“Your reputation precedes you,” has never been truer than today, especially for businesses, given the Internet and online reputation. And most especially because the Internet persists. With millions of people taking to Yelp, Google Reviews, Amazon reviews, and more, it’s not surprising that businesses are worrying more than ever about online reputation management, and paying for online reputation management tools.

Survey Finds People Prefer Text to Video – for Some Things – Which do You Prefer?

Everybody knows that video is king on the Internet – or is it? If you’re an Internet publisher, which is better: text or video? A survey that was commissioned by the Internet Patrol, and done by the excellent technology research firm, Osterman Research, has found that, for some things, people prefer text (in fact, vastly prefer text) to having to watch a video to get the same information.

Wondering What a Pancake Braid Is or What Pancaking Braids Is? We Explain

If you’ve been seeing the term “pancaking” all over the Internet, you may be wondering what it is. No, it’s not some new sex position; rather it’s probably referring to braid pancaking, or a pancake braid. But, that probably doesn’t really clear it up for you, does it? So here is what it means when someone says that they are pancaking braids, and what a pancake braid is.

Pizza Rat an Internet Sensation

First we had Basher the photobombing squirrel, and Sneezy the Penn State squirrel, but the newest rodent darling of the Internet is a rat. The video of the rat running down the subway stairs with an entire slice of pizza, has gone beyond viral, catapulting both Pizza Rat, and his videographer, comedian Matt Little, into the pantheon of Internet rodent fame.

The What, How, and Why of the Interrobang Punctuation Mark

Even if you don’t know what the interrobang is, you have either used an interrobang, or hinted at an interrobang, or wished that you had an interrobang. You’ve definitely either seen an actual interrobang, or the suggestion of one. Here is the history of the interrobang, and how to get and use the interrobang in everyday writing, texting, and other written communications.

The Turing Daraprim Outrage Explained and How the Internet Shamed Martin Shkreli to Retract the Rate Hike

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard of how Martin Shkreli and his Turing Pharmaceuticals acquired the rights to Daraprim, and immediately jacked up the price of Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. And you may have heard that Shkreli backed down yesterday and said that the price on Daraprim (generic name pyrimethamine) would not go up quite so dramatically (although he hasn’t announced the new price yet). But you may not realize just how much of a role the Internet has played in this story.