Smell Something Fishy? It Could be the Chat Perf – the First Smell-o-Vision Accessory for the iPhone

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If you’ve ever felt that your iPhone experience would be enhanced if you could only smell scents that go along with your browsing experience, then the Chef Perf iPhone app may be right up your alley. The app, developed by Japanese company Chaku Perfume, smells via an attached scent delivery device that contains an atomizer, also being referred to as a “smell tank.”

The Chat Perf retails for around $60 and attaches to the dock of an iPhone’s 30-pin port – which means that iPhone 5 users will need to use their 30-pin to Lightning adapter. The Chat Perf app allows users to create smells on their own phones, or send a smell over to the phone of a friend who also has the Chat Perf. The smells can range from foods to flowers, and the company has several suggestions for fun ways to utilize the Chat Perf including offering a smell tank to guests of Inns and other destination spots to remind them of their vacation and entice them to return, receive the smell of the sweat of your favorite artist during a concert, send a nice smell with news letters, and send a smell to a friend while playing a multiplayer game with them.

One of the possible fun uses for the device is when you or a friend is on vacation to a fun foreign place – you could send each other photos with corresponding scents to enhance the experience of the receiver. It would also be a fun tool for restaurants trying to entice customers to come on in and try their food (do we smell a Yelp integration in the future?)

While the idea of phones that emit aromas is odd, the Chat Perf has been around in Japan for awhile, and Samsung has already patented cell phone aroma technology. And judging by the video below, there is nothing but fun to be had by sitting around and sniffing your iPhone. Just try not to think about inhaling all of the germs crawling around on it.

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