ShutterFly Delivers Bundle of New Baby Spam

Congratulations on your bundle of spam

In the world of email marketing oopsies, just delivered a whopping, bouncing baby screw-up. Shutterfly has sent out a massive number of “congratulations on your new baby” emails – to people who have not had babies. “Congratulations on your bundle of joy” says the email, “There’s nothing more amazing than bringing a new life into the world.” Although this faux pas on Shutterfly’s part is right up there.

And people are not amused, either at being spammed by Shutterfly, or by the suggestion that they were pregnant or had recently had a baby.

shutterfly bundle of joy


Says the email: Congratulations on your bundle of joy

Congratulations – Welcome to Shutterfly – There’s nothing more amazing than bringing a new life into the world. As a new parent you’re going to find more to love, more to give, and more to share – we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Now it’s time to send thank you cards. Find one that matches your birth announcement.

Tip: Better Late Than Never

It’s okay to send your thank yous a bit late. People get it–you’re a new parent and have tons going on in your life right now.

shutterfly new baby email

By all accounts, this email went not only to people who had not had a new baby, but to people who had left Shutterfly years ago, and who had previously unsubscribed from their mailings.

It may be ok to send thank yous a bit late, but, Shutterfly, apologies should be tendered on time.


Many thanks to Internet Patrol reader James Lick for the tip!

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ShutterFly Delivers Bundle of New Baby Spam
Article Name
ShutterFly Delivers Bundle of New Baby Spam
Description just delivered a bouncing baby screw-up, sending out "congratulations on your new baby" emails to people who had not had babies.

2 Replies to “ShutterFly Delivers Bundle of New Baby Spam”

  1. Also my comment did not show up. and it wants more rings, pyramids and ball to be counted for this one.

  2. Got FB message. Clicked link. Went to HOME, picked this article, wrote this.
    As you requested. Dunno what else to do.
    3 pyramids 3 rings 3 balls.
    A MUCH better system than those insane warped letter capchas that I can never read.
    The boxes for follow up comment following etc are missing.

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