Showdown at the Spam Corral

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Independent journalist and Guardian columnist Danny O’Brien hit it square on the head in his dead-on and funny piece in today’s Guardian.

O’Brien unerringly describes an exchange and the general atmosphere at ISIPP’s January “Spam and the Law” conference, during which noted spammer-hunting attorney Jon Praed asked whether there were any spammers in the audience. All eyes turned, inwardly, if not literally, to the notorious Scott Richter, in attendance, and star of the Daily Show’s recent slam on spam (see related post in this blog).

A well done piece, informative, and a good laugh!

Unfortunately the Guardian has since taken the piece down.

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One thought on “Showdown at the Spam Corral

  1. Kudos to Anne Mitchell for catching the story at:,13427,1187654,00.html

    While she centers on the portion of the story that occured at the ISIPP Spam & the Law Conference held this past January in San F…

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